DataShine Website updates

DataShine has been out for around a week now, and we’ve made some changes to fix small bugs.


  • DataShine should work much better in Internet Explorer 9 now, as we now prompt this browser to use compatibility mode, with which the website displays correctly.
  • When showing a dataset that diverges around the mean, we always switched to the red/green divergent colour set, even if another colour set was specified in the URL. We now keep track of this and other manually specified colour changes, and stop the auto-changing in these cases.
  • We truncate long category names more aggressively now, so that they don’t spill out of the end of the data chooser even in browsers that use larger text for drop-downs.

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Oliver O'Brien

Welcome to the information blog about DataShine, showing examples and tips from the first project, DataShine: Census. If you have any comments, please let us know here, or you can find out more about the project, and the people behind it, here.

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